Oman Climate & Weather

North of the equator

Oman is located in the northern hemisphere, and as such the seasons are the inverse of those in Australia and New Zealand.

• Summer is June-August
• Autumn is September-November
• Winter is December to February
• Spring is March-May


With the exception of the southerly region of Dhofar, Oman’s climate is hot and dry all year round. Summer begins in mid-April and lasts until October. While Muscat’s mean summer temperature hovers around 33° C, the interior frequently registers readings above 50°C in the shade. Winter temperatures are mild and pleasant, ranging between 15°C and 23°C. Dhofar’s climate differs from the rest of the country because of the annual khareef or monsoon. While the rest of the Middle East bakes in the June heat, cool winds sweeping in off the Indian Ocean bring mists and rain to southern Oman. The moisture prompts lush, green vegetation to spring up until September when the rainfall recedes and the parched desert returns.