Dhow cruise

Enjoy cruising the coastal of Muscat, taking in the dramatic rock formations and islands. the dhow is an ideal way to spend one of your days or nights while in Oman . Journey to the Sultanate of Oman and embark upon a traditional dhow cruise to the spectacular fjords of Musandam. Soak up views of the majestic mountains as you navigate along the fjords in the northernmost tip of Oman

Boat charters

Boat is a perfect setting for a gentle coastal cruise. Find a bay to stop and enjoy your lunch or don your swimming costumes for a swim and a snorkel. Equipped with comfortable seating, galley and toilets


Enjoy catching Barracuda, Red Snapper, Rainbow Runners and more in the best fishing grounds of Oman. Groups of up to 10 people can be accommodated, with up to 4 people fishing at any one time.

Fishing game

What about a unique game fishing trip in the Arabian Sea, which is home to the Sailfish, Yellow Fin Tuna and a lot of other game fish. 2 Rods out at a time. People can rotate, max 7 people fishing. If the tuna are running then you had better get in shape ready.


Kayaking is a recent introduction into Oman and is currently limited to the capital area. Kayaking experience in the warm waters of Oman is indeed ideal. Kayaking tours are available among the fjords of Bander Al-Kheran in Muscat. It is laso possible to only rent single or double sea kayaks with optional glass bottom.

Jet ski

Feel the power of wind and water, the ultimate experience of cruising the waves. Jet ski is available as regular 2 skis or as competition jet ski for one person, which requires previous experience.


The shallow coastal waters are teaming with marine life and it is likely you will see all different kinds of reef fish and maybe even honeycomb morays, turtles and sting rays as well as tuna, lionfish, trigger fish, parrot fish, angel fish and lots more

Scuba diving

Oman has a varied coastline over 1600 km long. There is a wealth of underwater flora, marine life and diving thrills awaiting the underwater explorer. Several companies specialising in diving services offer a complete range of diving courses, diving equipment and activities (night dives, wreck dives, etc.). For details

Dolphin watching

Dolphins are popular in Oman’s coastal water and. Fahal Island is a good site to spot Dolphins in hundreds roaming around or following the tuna. Spinner, Common and some Bottlenose dolphins are the main types.

Whale watching

Whales are occasionally seen and they are highly intelligent animals. They are sensitive to disturbance and can easily be hit by vessels, including their propellers.. If they approach the boat, or attempt to bow-ride, you should maintain a slow speed and course until they are clear .


One of the best places to surf in Oman is Masirah Island, reached only by ferry from Sana on the mainland. The ferry times depend on the tides, but there are usually four trips each day. The ferry takes around one hour to reach the island and it is then a drive of approximately 15 minutes to the eastern side where the surf breaks. The size of the surf depends on the time of the year, but 4-6 feet is normal.


There are regular regattas held in the waters of Oman available in Marina Bander al Rowda or Capital Area Yacht Club.

Aqua biking

Paddle through water on a Giant Bicycle, alone or in double. It is a cardiovascular exercise as good as biking!

Wind riting

Enjoy quietly peddling over the calm waters at Al Sawadi beach and overlooking the Tower