Photography and filming

For serious and casual photographers there are photo opportunities galore – stark majestic mountain ranges, serene sandy beaches, lush green jungles – all within a wink of a shutter. Wildlife, rustic villages, majestic forts, colorful natives . There is inspiration everywhere. Best months for photography are November –April in the early morning or late afternoon. Use of a UV and polarizing filter is recommended.

Turtle watching

The beaches of Ras Al Had ,Ras Al Junayz and Masirah island are just some of the areas where several species of marine turtles come to lay their eggs. Green turtles, loggerheads, Hawksbill and leatherbacks live for over 100 years and swim the length and breadth of the Indian Ocean only to return every year to the same sites to lay their eggs. Many tour operators and hotels in Sur offer turtle visitation packages. It is necessary to acquire a permit to visit the official nesting sites as the turtles are protected as endangered species. Once again, local tour operators will provide full details.

Birds Watching

Oman is increasingly becoming a significant destination for bird watching, attracting avid bird watchers and ornithologists the world over. According to Oman Bird Records Committee more than 460 different bird species have been recorded in Oman, out of which, 80 species have been classified as resident, while the rest are migrant and seasonal species.

Oman offers a unique opportunity to watch birds from Europe, Africa and Asia in one spot. During their annual migrations in Spring and Autumn, millions of birds pass across the length and breath of Oman and an impressive selection can be seen in Muscat Capital Area. These migratory periods coincide with the cooler weather between October and April; the best time to watch birds in the Sultanate of Oman.

Cohabiting locals

People in Oman are generally welcomed, courteous and polite, the traditional forms of greeting are widely observed. It is therefore good manners to exchange greetings and handshakes when meeting Omanis. In the main, life in Oman is very easy and open. There are almost no restrictions on where one is allowed to go, during your visit in Oman you might be invited by local who live in mountain, desert, cost and any elsewhere to have a coffee in their houses.