Qurum Natural Park

It is 1715449 m2, the largest park in Muscat. The park contains a large boating lake and fountain Waterfall Hill.

Oman Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden contains a set of documented living plants for scientific research, as well as for conservation and display. Oman Botanic Garden was established near old Al Khawd over an estimated area of 425 hectares in Wilayt AsSeeb, Muscat Governorate. When completed, the park will be one of the largest botanic gardens in the Gulf region.

For more information visit: www.oman-botanic-garden.com

Riyam Park

It overlooks the sea and designed on several heights that gives distinguished dimension for the park which covers an area of 100,000 m2 .

Al Naseem Public Park

It is the first park to be established in Oman and its gross area is 750,000 m2 and it is about 30km from the Airport.

Kalbou Beach Park

It is coastal strip extends from the Sea Road to the mountain edge, which is a distinguished location in the heart of Muscat City. It is an attraction spot for those who are willing to enjoy walking and fishing.

Hawiyat Najm Park

The park is situated in the Dabab area of Wilayat Qurayat, Muscat Governorate, and can be reached via the road linking Qurayat to Sur. It is a deep natural depression filled with water, called Hawiyat Najm. The locals say that a meteor fell on this spot of land, resulting in the natural depression and forming a small lake.

Al Sahua Park

It is located in Seeb covers an area of 300.000 m2. The park has various divisions like the main plaza on the middle of the park, Islamic gardens, fountain zone and flowers garden.