Oman is a camper’s paradisw with a variety of settings to offer from the sweeping sands of the desert, to mountain plateaus, fertile valley oases, and sparkiling beaches. Whether you provide your own gear or rely on one of the specialty tour operators and outfitters, you will find many a placid moment to relax and reflect on your voyage through a heretofore hidden world. Note: most areas are accessible to camping, but some, like the Turtle Beach at Ra’s al Junayz and the Saiq Plateau require permits from government ministries. Check with a local tour operator to see if permits are require.

Camel raiding

Camel racing is an exciting sport where camels and their owners congregate at racetracks around the country. Racing camels are bred for the track and are highly prized posessions. A good racing camel can fetch a price of RO 30,000 (US $ 77,400). Jockeys are drafted for their size (or lack thereof) and some make their professional debuts around five years old. Crowd enthusiasm is high on these occasions. However, raceday is not announced long in advance, so it is best to know someone who has an inside track as to when a race is scheduled.

Horse riding

When you come to Arabia, you can’t miss the allure of the Arabian riding stallion. And if you like riding, Oman has trails and the horses to take you there. You’ll find the Royal Stables in Seeb a good spot to observe equestrian events staged for public and private gatherings. And if you go to the Al Kamil/Al Wafi region of the country, you can find the best breeders and trainers the country has to offer.

Sand boarding

A fun and simple adventure activity, true Sandboarding is the art of standing with two feet locked onto a board and carving arcs down a dune. Using a combination of lie-down and stand-up boards, participants can get a great sense of speed and excitement. Participants walk around the less steep sides of the dunes and slide down the steep face of the dune.

Dune bashing

An increasingly popular activity, tourists are driven out into the surrounding desert sand dunes in a 4X4. The ride is a real adrenaline trigger as the vehicle careers between the cuts and curls of the sand dunes.

Somewhat like riding a roller coaster, the experience can be thrilling and when you are perched on top of a 100 meter high dune at an angle of 45 degrees, you can feel that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach just like in a giant Ferris Wheel. it was better than excellent, During June 05, our driver.

Star gazing

Mythical, mystical and exhilarating?.the chance to follow in the footsteps of great astrologers and intrepid pioneers?that’s what stargazing is all about. And the desert, away from atmospheric water vapor and the ?light pollution’ of the cities offers the ideal place for you to indulge in your passion for worlds beyond our own.

The camp offers complete darkness and a powerful telescope in its own observatory room to gaze at stars and constellations you might otherwise never be able to see.

Quad biking

By far the most exciting thing on 4 wheels, Quad Biking is a rush like no other. Whether you’re speeding through an obstacle course on a 6 speed automatic Quad Bike, or taking it easy on a manual one, Quad Biking is guaranteed to knock your hats off!

The trails and twists through sand and bush, steep climbs and adrenaline pumping descents all add to the feeling of adventure.