Majlis al Jinn cave

It is the second largest underground chamber in the world covering an area of around 60,000m2. This is an extremely difficult cave to negotiate, and it is important that the expedition is not undertaken lightly and without professional guidance.

Hota Cave

It comprises an underground cavern and subterranean lake system. It is a 2.7 km tunnel which runs in a north-south direction. There are many offshoots to the main tunnel, but so far, only approximately 5km have been charted by experienced cavers.

Teiq Cave

It is the largest sinkhole in the world and located between Taqa and Mirbat. The sinkhole has two wadis, which replenish the pool when it rains.

Al-Merneif Cave

Situated in Al-Mughaisil area of Dhofar, roughly 40 Km from Salalah, Al-Merneif Cave is amongst the most beautiful caves in the Sultanate.

Razzat Cave

Located some 25 Km from Salalah, Razzat Cave is one of the most popular destinations by visitors and residents alike, as it lies amidst the mountains overlooking the spring of Razzat.

Ettein Cave

Located some 10 Km from Salalah, the Cave of Ettein lies 400 metres to the West of Jarzeez Spring, and is considered to be the largest, with respect to surface area, in the region.

Al Kittan Cave

Al Kittan Cave is located in wilayat Ibri, the A’Dhahirah Region. A distance of 8 kilometres separates it from Ibri. The cave’s uniqueness lies in its extreme luminosity that looks like marble, which earned it the name of “the marble cave”. Al Kittan Cave houses beautiful geological formations and rock engravings. It’s noteworthy to mention here that this cave is not easily accessible and we strongly recommend using a guide.

Jernan Cave

The cave is located in Wilayat Izki in the A’Dhahirah Region(interior region) at the foot of the Halfeen Valley below the ancient AlNizar village. The cave also enjoys a strategic location at Wilayat Izki in the interior region.

Muqal Cave

Muqal Cave is located in Wadi Bani Khalid in the A’Sharqiyah Region(Eastern Region), near the famous water pools in Muqal. On entering the cave, the roar of underground water flowing through its hard rocks will assail your senses; your eyes will be captivated by the beautiful rock formations, and you’re sure to be mesmerised by the water pools and streams flowing along Wadi Muqal Road.