Located in the heart of the Arabian desert is the colourful, subtropical city, Salalah which is the capital of the Dhofar Region in Oman. Termed also as the “second city of the Sultanate”, it is known for its distinct weather. Here’s a look at the different seasons that Salalah experiences that will help us decide the  best time to visit Salalah . The most  definite best time to  visit Salalah  is during the monsoon (khareef)  season that lasts from July end – September, when the desert transform into a lush, green oasis!

Summer (Monsoon) Season in Salalah: June, July, August

Summer in Salalah, Oman starts from June and continues till August. The temperature is high compared to the rest of the season, yet it is not uncomfortable.
The monsoons start from July, although it does not rain incessantly. This “green season of Salalah” is the best time to visit Salalah. The region is filled with tourists during the peak monsoon season in July and August who come for the Khareef festival, the greenery and the waterfalls. The rains make the entire mountains and country sides green. The Kharif (Khareef) season, or the monsoons, begin from mid-June and last till the beginning of September. The flora and fauna are in full bloom. Due to the greenery, spotting wild life becomes abundant, which is the main attraction in the mountains. This is the best time to go trekking and for mountain drives.

The Salalah Tourism Festival is also held from 15 July to 31 August every year.
The main attraction of this time of the year is the Kharif Festival which is held for nearly six weeks. This is the peak tourist season, as many locals from the neighbouring cities, along with few international travellers, flock to the city. There are lively carnivals, music festivals, traditional dances and traditional cuisines on display everyday of the festival.
Room rates, already limited in the city, go up five times, as compared to the rest of the year. It’s better to book your rooms and 4WDs/ cars way in advance.

Fall Season in Salalah

The fall or autumn season starts from September and finishes in November. The weather is very pleasant during these months. It is windy and scattered showers occur in the months, which brings down the temperature to a very comfortable level. The tourist season is high as most locals consider it the best time to visit Salalah. Finding an accommodation for travellers is difficult, thus, booking in advance is advisable to avoid last minute problems. Packing comfortable clothes is ideal as the weather doesn’t become too chilly.

Winter Season in Salalah

Winter in the city starts from December and continues till February. The temperature ranges from 14° C in the evening to 26° C in the daytime. The weather is dry and humidity is absent. The mountainsides and the landscape are still green. This is the best time to visit Salalah as city visits can be planned, along with countryside visits.

People planning to travel to Salalah at this time of the year should carry light clothes for the daytime, and warm jackets in case it gets slightly chilly in the evenings.

The tourist season is very low. Accommodation is easy to find, and that too at very low rates. Eating and travelling rates are also very low at this time.

Spring Season in Salalah: March, April, May

The spring season starts from March and continues till May. It is slightly warmer and humid. It rains during this time but very scattered, and is quite windy.

The city is very quiet, as the tourist crowd does not descend during this time period. The hotel rates are very low, and so are the rates of the restaurants and other entertainment sectors. This is the best time to visit Salalah, especially for budget seekers. April is the least popular month among tourists heading to Salalah, so rates for hotels, restaurants etc would be the cheapest this time.

People planning a trip now should pack light and comfortable clothes, which are best in hot and humid weather. This is the best time to go for scuba diving and other water sports at the beaches.