Visa & Immigration

Aviation -Border & Check Points -Sea Port In Oman

Arrivals Area Airside – International Flights
Travellers arriving from all International flights will arrive at the international arrivals hall.

Entry Visa Collection Counter

Travellers with entry visas deposited at the airport can collect their visa from the Oman Air Visa Collection counter.


Ahlan Lounge


The Ahlan Lounge located at the arrivals hall offers a wide range of services that includes:

  • Modern Lounge to relax and refresh.
  • Greet, Meet and Assist services.
  • Fast Track Immigration Clearance.
  • Obtaining visa on arrival.
  • Assistance with Baggage carrying.
  • Hotel Transfers.

For further details:

Tel: +968 24519026
Fax: +968 24519088

Visa on Arrivals

  • Travellers obtaining visa on arrival can pay for this facility at the Travelex Foreign Exchange counter located at the entrance of the arrivals hall.               
  • Foreign Currency Exchange transactions can be made at this counter or at the arrivals hall landside counter

For visa on arrivals details click here


Immigration Counters

  • Dedicated immigration counters for GCC Nationals.
  • Other immigration counters for all other Nationalities.

E-immigration Gates Travelers, both Omanis and expatriate residents who possess the civil status Identity Card (ID) can proceed directly to the new device and use their ID’s, according to the instructions shown on the system.

The electronic gates utilise the concepts of smart card and finger print identification to automate the entry or exit process. The E-gates are expected to speed up the immigration process, citizens and residents are no longer required to pass through immigration counters and get their passports stamped while arriving or departing through Muscat International Airport. The E-immigration gates is an initiative by the Royal Oman Police which speeds up the immigration process, currently 3 E-gates are available at departures and 3 E-gates on the International Arrivals.

Duty Free Shopping

· Muscat Duty Free outlet located after the immigration counters.

Tourist Information Counter

The Tourist Information Counter is located at the baggage concourse of arrivals, travelers visiting Oman can obtain leaflets, brochures and maps pertaining to Oman free of charge.

Baggage Services

  • Baggage conveyer belts for receiving baggage.
  • Porter Service for baggage assistance, R.O. 1.500 includes a porter and a trolley.
  • Free Trolleys
  • Lost baggage counter, for reporting lost and damaged baggage.
  • X-Ray Machines for security screening of all baggage.

Transfer Area – Arriving Passengers Connecting to other Flights

· At the entrance of the terminal building, turn left.

· Proceed to the First Floor – Transfer Area.

· Lift is available between Ground and First Floor.

· Transfer Desks (for travellers without a boarding card).

· X-Ray Machines for security screening of hand baggage.

· Proceed to the Departure gates or Duty Free Shopping.

Arrivals Area Airside – Domestic Flights

Travellers arriving from domestic flights operated within Oman will arrive at the domestic arrivals hall which is separate to the International arrivals area, the exit door of domestic arrivals is located next to the International arrivals exit door, the facilities available in this area include Public Seating Area, Public Telephones and Bathrooms.

Arrivals Area – Landside

Families, friends and well wishers wait for arriving passengers in this area, located at the west entrance of the terminal building.

Bank ATM Machines




Arrivals, Pubic Meeting Area


Departures, Opposite Airline Ticketing Counters

Bank Muscat

Arrivals, Immigration Hall

Bank Muscat

Departure, Opposite Duty Free Shopping

Bank Dhofar

Departures, Opposite Airline Ticketing Counters


Mosque – Prayer Room 

A Mosque is available outside the arrivals terminal exit door for Muslims to perform prayers, the facilities of the mosque includes a bathroom and an ablution area, a female prayer room is also available at the rear of the mosque. 

 A separate prayer room for male and female passengers is available inside the terminal building at the departures area airside near the duty free area in the first floor.

Medical Clinic

The clinic is stocked with medicines and offers free medical treatment and medicines to any sick passenger, the clinic also offers a free ambulance service to the nearest hospital, these services are also available to departing passengers if required.

Disabled Facilities 

Disabled passengers must request for a wheel chair facility with their respective airline at the time of the flight booking, for departing disabled passengers the traveller accompanying the disabled passenger may request for a porter and a wheel chair for free at the check in counter, the porter will escort the passenger all the way to the aircraft. 

Arriving disabled passengers will also be met on the aircraft with a porter who will assist them all the way to the exit point of the terminal building.  

Muscat International Airport facilities are designed to cater for disabled passengers, all bathrooms features a dedicated disabled cabin, access to the first floor can be made with an elevator and access in and out the terminal building can be made using a wheel chair. 

Sick passengers travelling on a stretcher must request for this facility at the time of booking and should coordinate with the respective hospital for the arrangement of an ambulance for transporting the sick passenger from and to the aircraft to the hospital.

Opening Hours & Time Zones

Government sector’s official hours is Saturday to Wednesday: 7:30 am to 2:30 pm with exception to Ramadhan during which work starts at (9 am to 2 pm).

Private sector`s official working hours from Saturday to Thursday (according to company system) (with exception to the Banking sector, some companies and Capital Market).

Time Zone : Four hours ahead of  GMT

Utilities & Services

Post Office

The Sultanate of Oman  postal service is efficient and reliable with branches in most major towns throughout the Sultanate. Oman post offices are open from Sunday to Thursday 8am-4:30pm (Public holidays might be differ)


All power sockets in Oman provide a standard voltage of 240V with a standard frequency of 50Hz.

You can use all your equipment in Oman if the outlet voltage in your own country is

Post Office

The Sultanate of Oman  postal service is efficient and reliable with branches in most major towns throughout the Sultanate. Oman post offices are open from Sunday to Thursday 8am-4:30pm (Public holidays might be differ)


All power sockets in Oman provide a standard voltage of 240V with a standard frequency of 50Hz.

You can use all your equipment in Oman if the outlet voltage in your own country is between 220V-240V. This is the case in most of Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom and most countries in Africa and Asia.

If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100V-127V (which is most common in the US, Canada and countries in South America) you might need a voltage converter in Oman.

The standard frequency in Oman is 50Hz. If this frequency differs from the frequency used in your home country, please use caution when plugging in your devices. Check the small print on the device to see if the device can handle the frequency. Please note we regularly check our electricity information with the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC)

Small print on the device or power adapter indicates what voltages the device can work with. If you see 100-240V 50/60Hz printed, the adapter is rated to work on all voltages used worldwide. Please note that power plug adapters only convert plug types and do not convert voltages.


Oman Hotels are some of the finest in the world, whether they are five star luxury spa retreats or quaint family-run beach front rooms.  There is a hotel in Oman for every type of traveller on every budget. That said, the best prices are during Oman’s off-peak season (May – Aug), while the most expensive prices are typically during the cool season (Dec – April).


Oman telephone system is both modern and widespread, with comprehensive coverage for mobile phones and reliable pay phones found throughout the Sultanate. Emergency numbers are often three or four digit numbers, including Royal Oman Police, which is 9999.


The water quality in Oman is good most of the time, but you may see locals drinking bottled water. If you’re unsure and worried about water-borne diseases, stick to boiled or treated water. Avoid ice cubes unless you know they are from a safe source and avoid raw, undercooked food and unpasturized milk products.

By Phil Sylvester,

World Nomads Contributor – Wed, 1 Jul 2020