Driving in Oman-Traffic Rules

Traffic Rules & the Law

Driving on the right hand side is a novelty for many when they first get into Oman. One actually gets used to it quite quickly. Generally the driving manners are poor and aggression on the roads is on the increase.

Traffic Rules

Traffic Fines

Enquiries about traffic fines are available online at the ROP website. From here you can also pay the fines online using a credit card. Note that a vehicle’s license (Mulkia) may not be renewed for the following year unless all fines are paid.

Traffic Fines

Traffic signs are the language of the road. If they are well, understood and complied with, dangers will be avoided.

Before you overtake_ ensure that it is safe to do so, and don’t forget to signal your indicators. Driving out of the road without signaling to those behind you, may cause an acci¬dent.

Driving is an art, tact and decency. Drive in a civilized manner to avoid risks. Always comply with road signs and lines that prohibit overtaking. Turning or driving out of the road without signaling is a traffic offence. Be safe and comply with the traffic rules. Signal the proper indicator. A very minor mistake may cost very much.

For your own safety and the safety of others, slow down before you turn, and signal the proper direction indicator.
For more information visit: www.rop.gov.om