Getting to Oman

Visa & Immigration

 Entry Visa Collection Counter Travellers with entry visas deposited at the airport can collect their visa from the Oman Air Visa Collection counter.

Oman Currency

The Omani rial – OMR is the currency of Oman. It is divided into 1000 baisa

Mobile phone and internet

Visitors by air, upon their arrival at the Muscat International Airport, you can find 24-hour booths in the arrival hall for OmanTel, Ooredoo, or Renna. It is easy to get the SIM card by signing up with your passport and the method of payment.

Driving in Oman-Traffic Rules

Driving on the right hand side is a novelty for many when they first get into Oman. One actually gets used to it quite quickly. Generally the driving manners are poor and aggression on the roads is on the increase.

Important Information



ATMs are widely available, and major credit cards are accepted in larger hotels, restaurants and shops. In markets and small businesses, cash is always preferred.