Muscat City Center

Location : Al Seeb

Others: Oman’s largest shopping mall. Main Stores: Carrefour, Landmark, Woolworths, Sund & Sand, Areej, Magic Planet, Monalisa, Toy Store.

Telephone : 968 2455 8888

Website :

Sabco Centre

Location : Al Qurum

Others: The centre houses famous brand names of clothes, accessories, specialist music, beauty products and electronic items.

Telephone : 968 2456 6701

Al Harthy complex

Location : Al Qurum

Others: From textiles, antiques, perfumes, children’s toys and games, fashion and beauty products, computer accessories, and watches to books, greeting cards and flowers, everything is available at the complex.

Telephone : 968 2456 4481

Al Araimi Complex

Location : Al Qurum

Others: Al Araimi Complex now is even more exciting With a multitude of brands, outlets, variety, offers and bargains, you have no reason not to shop. A popular meeting place and great find for the latest in European and International fashion and accessories.

Telephone : 968 2456 6180

Markaz Al Bahja

Location : Al Seeb

Others : Opening hours are from 10 am to 10 pm Sat – Thurs. and on Friday 2 pm to 10 pm.

Telephone : 968 2454 0200

Website :

Al Masa Mall

Location : Al Qurum

Others: The shopping mall has a variety of stores and outlets ranging from electronics, fashion accessories, cosmetics and beauty, home furnishings and décor and others.

Telephone : 968 2469 3341

Al Khamis Plaza

Location : Al Qurum

Others: Al Khamis Plaza is a bustling shopping centre of trendy fashion boutiques, exclusive fashion jewellery, designer apparel shops, music and computer shops and a coffee shop.

Telephone : 968 2456 2791

Jawharat A Shati

Location : Al Qurum

Others: Jawharat A’ Shati Complex is indeed Oman’s premier mall. Some of our highlights are Oman’s only authentic Heritage Gallery showcasing Omani produced crafts, the Nails & Hair Spa.

Telephone : 968 2469 2113

Zakher Shopping Mall

Location : Al Khuwair

Others: This mall houses shops selling the latest music tapes and CDs, Clothes, sporting and diving equipment, a greeting card shop, an internet cafe, and Al Fair supermarket.

Telephone : 968 2448 9884

Centre Point

Location : Al Khuwair

Others: Centre Point features Baby Shop, Shoe City, Splash, Lifestyle and Sports for All.

Telephone : 968 2469 8258

Traditional Souq

Muttrah Souq

One of the oldest preserved souqs in Oman is in Muttrah, on the Corniche. Gold and silver jewellery is found in abundance as well as numerous wooden carvings, ornaments and spices. Muttrah souq is a maze of pathways leading in and out of each other.
‘Household’ goods make up the bulk of the souq, but browsing through some of the smaller shops may result in a lucky find. Bargaining is a must, however. Gold and silver are well priced and mainly sold by weight. Good buys are silver khanjars (the traditional Omani dagger, worn by men) and incense burners.

Nizwa souq

Nizwa souq hosts a lively cattle market early each Friday morning where cows, goats and sheep are auctioned. The obstinate behaviour of the animals often provides great amusement for the spectators. There is an abundance of local handicrafts and produce in the covered souq. Silversmiths can be seen hammering patterns into the hilts of khanjars and women sell the birka, a glittering, embroidered facemask worn by local ladies.

Sinaw souq

Sinaw souq is best visited early in the morning on weekends. It has similar ware to Nizwa souq, including a cattle market. Some of the silver shops sell the old silver Bedouin jewellery, but you have to look hard. This is actually the new souq, the old one being situated to the rear. The old one is now abandoned.

Ibra souq

Ibra souq is open to all, as long as you are female! It is a fairly recent innovation, opened in 1990 and is held on Wednesday mornings. It is the only souq in Oman which lends itself totally to the needs of women. Lotions, cosmetics, powders, textiles, perfumes and henna are amongst some of the items on sale.

Al Dhalam Souq

Al Dhalam (darkness) Market in Muttrah is one of the most popular bazaars in Muscat. It has been named after darkness because of the crowded stalls and lanes where the sunrays do not infiltrate during the day and the shoppers need lamps to know their destinations.