Desert Safari

The Desert Safari in Oman is one of the most important Oman Tourist Attractions. If you want to break away from your mundane schedule, come to Oman. If you are in a mood for some adventure, then venture out for a desert safari at Oman. Desert Safari in Oman is your chance to live the life of a Bedouin for some days. The safaris go Bedouin style. You are going to travel on camel backs and then rest in tents. The guides would be accompanying you throughout. The vagaries of desert, would add to the thrill and adventure. Brace yourself for the extreme temperatures. The extremely hot days are followed by chilling nights. Inside your tents you would only have a lantern for illumination. Doesn’t that sound great? Warm yourself sitting in front of fire, in the chilly nights. Do not forget to pack your bags with both woolen and summer garments.

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Oman is a fascinating place to explore with its diverse and beautiful landscape. Overnight camping in wadis or on sandy beaches and desert safaris are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts craving for adventure. Many specialized tour operators provide complete camping facilities from vehicles to drivers, guides, logistical equipment, and packed meals.

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