Governorate of Al Buraimi which is situated in the North West corner of the Sultanate, adjacent to the borders with UAE. Governorate of Al Buraimi consists of three wilayats:  Al Buraimi, Mahdhah and Al Sinainah.



Wilayat Al Buraimi : Wilayat Al Buraimi  is the regional center of the Governorate located 375 kilometers from the capital Muscat . It  has a number of historic forts and houses. Its main forts are al Khandaq, which has been adopted as the emblem of the Wilayat, and Al Hillah Fort. Both these forts have recently been restored by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture. There are also several other forts, including the forts of al Fayyadh, Hafeet and Wadi al Jizzi. The most famous historic house in the Wilayat is Bait Bahr. Buraimi’s villages are watered by 49 falajes. Much of the rest of the Wilayat is sandy desert.

Wilayat Mahdhah: Mahdhah is bordered by the Wilayat of Buraimi and the United Arab Emirates to the south and by the Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras al Khaimah. To the east a chain of mountains separates it from the Batinah Region.  It has 9,002 inhabitants and ninety-nine villages.

 The Wilayat of Mahdhah has produced personalities who have played distinguished roles in Oman’s history. The best known was Ahmed bin Nu’man al Ka’abi, who was the first Arab ambassador to the United States of America in 1840.

Its main historic landmarks are the forts of Ubul, Bait al Nad, al Khabib and Qala’at Sharm.Tourist sites include Wadi Sharm, Wadi al Qahafi, al Lajj, Uyul, al Ubailah, al Khadhra, al Jazira and Jabal al Howraa.

Tourist Attractions

–        Al-Hillah Fort

–        Al-Khandaq Fort

–        Falaj AlMiser

Other important information ​

– Al Buraimi is the newest governorate of Oman which was split from the Ad Dhahirah region.

– The town Al Buraymi is an oasis town in northeastern Oman, on the border of the United Arab Emirates.

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