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Al Khandaq Castle(or Al Buraymi)

It is located in Wilayt Al Buraymi in the Al Buraymi Governorate. Al Khandaq Castleis considered one of the important monuments in AlWilaya. Its construction dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century, i.e., the second half of the thirteenth century AH. Al Khandaq Castle has been renovated in the reign of Imam Azzan bin Qais Al Busaidi in 1285-1288 AH /1871 G.

This Castle is named after the presence of a large trench surrounding it on all sides. Al Khandaq Castleis fortified with roadblocks and combines civilian and defence purposes. In Oman, it is the best known example of a fortress surrounded by a trench.The Castle consists of ten rooms of varied purposes spread over its area. It also includes four towers situated in its four corners. They are: The Northern Tower, the Eastern Tower, the Southern Tower and the Western Tower. Each two towers that share the same diameter are similar in their architecture and adornment.


It is worth mentioning that the Governorate of Al Buraymi takes Al Khandaq Castle as its emblem.


Hafeet Site

The site is located in Al Buraymi Governorate. It is an old settlement that dates back to the third millennium BC. This site was a meeting place for trade caravans between the Bat civilisation in Wilayt of Ibri, and the Um AnNar civilisation. Tombs in this region date to the third millennium BC and are built like the bee hive tombs of the Bat civilisation. Also found was a piece of pottery similar to the pottery made during Nebuchadnezzar’s reign in Iraq.


Wadi Al Qahfi

This is located nearly 50 km (31 miles) from Wilayat Mahdah, Al Buraymi Governorate. Water flows most of the year and is distinguished by its fresh quality.


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