Fancy venturing onto paths less travelled? Dhofar is the right place for 4WD, motorbike and quad enthusiasts to enjoy off-roading through mountains, wadis and desert. Wilayat Mokshin is a definite recommendation. Here motorsport enthusiasts can push their limits by driving through difficult terrain, including some seriously large sand dunes.



Dhofar is the largest and most diverse of Oman’s eleven governates, making it the perfect place to camp. Simply pitch a tent and enjoy some epic settings, especially during Khareef season, when surrounded by green landscapes. From Rakhyut Beach to Wadi Seenaq, Dhofar has no shortage of stunning campsites. Just make sure to leave no trace – dispose of waste properly.


Whale & dolphin tours

The water of Oman is home to over 20 whale species, with many visiting the shores of Dhofar throughout the year. Perfect for watching these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Boat tours start from a number of fishing villages along the coast, including Sadah, Mirbat and Hasik. And while dolphins might be spotted from the beach, or swim with the boat, giants of the animal world such Blue Whales, Humpback Whales or Killer Whales, will show themselves only when they deem it right.


Bird watching

Well-placed along bird migratory routes, and with its fair share of wintering species, Oman is a bird watching haven. Dhofar has a unique selection of birds, some of which cannot be found in other parts of the Sultanate. This is thanks to the different habitants found in the region – from coast, to mountain, lagoon and desert. Examples of ideal bird watching spots are Khwar Ruri and Mughsayl Bay, where flocks of flamingo have been known to visit.



Nature enthusiasts should take the chance to explore Dhofar on foot. Some of the region’s most remote areas are best discovered this way. From wild frankincense trees in dry wadis to spotting wildlife, the opportunity to discover unique spots is endless. During Khareef season, trekking at Wadi Darbat and Tawi Ateer Sinkhole is especially breathtaking, with flourishing greenery marking your path.


Turtle watching

With a length of 400 kilometres, Dhofar’s coastal line is punctuated by long, deserted beaches - the perfect nesting grounds for Green and Loggerhead Turtles. During Khareef, when the waters are especially rich in nutrients, both species can be found nesting and feeding offshore. Burying their eggs in the sand at night is a very strenuous activity, and one a lucky few get to witness. If you do, please make sure to not disturb the turtles and use red LED flashlights only, if any.



Dhofar’s coastline is dotted with lagoons and beaches, making it one of the few places in the world where corals and kelp grow together. Sea life is especially abundant in these waters and divers may spot moray eels, large rays, sharks, turtles and whales and dolphins. Mirbat is considered one of the best dive sites, with other offshore sites found throughout the region. Diving season is from early October until end of May, interrupted by Khareef season due to rough waters.


Horse riding

Traditionally a horse-loving nation, Oman has a long history of breeding Arabian horses. In ancient times Mirbat, in Dhofar, was especially renowned for exporting horses around the world. Today, the Royal Stables in Salalah continue this long-standing tradition. Visitors can experience this living tradition by enjoying rides along Salalah’s scenic beaches.


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