A'Sharqiyah Governorate A'Sharqiyah Governorate
North and South A'Sharqiyah Governorate

The nature of this region blends three environments, each having its own distinctive flavour: the coastline, hugging the Arabian Sea and part of the Sea of Oman, tells the story of hard work done by hardy men. Their weapons are the boats they have built with their own strong hands. Their ammunition is their nets spun by their dexterous fingers while chanting melodious work songs. Under cover of night, they sail into the sea and wrangle with its high waves in a constant battle between the desire to earn their living and come home safely. At the break of dawn, these hard-working men return with their nets overflowing with fish, chanting the melodious refrain, “Thanks be To Allah” for His boon and a safe trip back home…. This is the first environment of South A'Sharqiyah Governorate, and the most prolific fishery of all the regions of Oman.

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