The White Dunes The White Dunes
The White Dunes

 DAY 1: Arrival in Oman 

Depart from country of residence and arrive in Muscat, the capital of Oman, in the late afternoon or evening. Pickup and transfer from the airport to the hotel. 

DAY 2: Muscat – Nizwa 

After being picked up from the hotel, we spend the morning visiting the spectacular Grand Mosque, famous for its Islamic architecture, richly decorated interior and the second largest Persian carpet in the world. Following this, we leave Muscat in 4x4s and enter the mountainous Hajar range, via off road dirt tracks, weaving up canyons and through small villages via Wadi Bani Awf. After a picnic lunch we continue onwards to the oasis of Al Hamra, with its fascinating and unspoiled houses built of dried mud and stone. We then reach Jebel Shams, the highest point in the Arabian Peninsula, where we spend the night at a hotel close to the summit. 


DAY 3: Nizwa – Sharqiyah Sands 

We begin day 3 at Nizwa, the Pearl of Islam. The local suq offers a diverse range of traditional products, including incense, ceramics, local knives (known as Kanjars) and locally made silver jewellery, while the Nizwa Fort is one of the most iconic in the Sultanate. In the late morning we leave Nizwa, stopping to have lunch in a local restaurant, before leaving the asphalt and entering the pink and orange sand dunes of Sharqiyah Sands. The evening is spent in a camp, providing an authentic experience of desert life. 


DAY 4: Sharqiyah Sands 

Day 4 marks the first real day of the Sharqiyah Sands traverse. We continue onwards, with the possibility of getting stuck in the sand at various points. The dunes become even larger and their pink-orange hues are truly mesmerizing. We enjoy a picnic lunch in the afternoon before finding a suitable location to set up camp. The sun set is enjoyed at the top of the dunes, one of the most fascinating moments the desert has to offer. 


DAY 5: Sharqiyah Sands –Al Khaluf 

We continue crossing the desert, passing several locations where there is a high possibility of encountering nomadic encampments of the Bedouins living in the Sharqiyah Sands. Eventually, we arrive at the deserted coast, bordering the Indian Ocean. The unspoiled white sands, traditional fishing boats make this a particularly picturesque spot, which proceed Al Khaluf. We spend the night camping in the white sand dunes that lead into the ocean. 


DAY 6: Al Khaluf – Ras Al Hadd 

Day 6 begins with the possibility of a swim in the azure coloured ocean, before we continue driving along the coast. We stop for a picnic lunch on the beach and in the afternoon reach Ras Al Hadd, the Eastern most point of the Arabian Peninsula. The bungalow resort we stay at is situated on the beach, and there is an opportunity to see sea turtles depositing eggs in the evening. After dinner we will visit the Ras Al Jinz Nature Reserve and, depending on the time of year, will be able to see turtles laying eggs, baby turtles and a diverse selection of adult turtles right on the beach. 


DAY 7: Ras Al Hadd 

Day 7 is a free day, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy the beach and relax. 


DAY 8: Sur – Wadi Tiwi - Muscat 

We begin day six by continuing towards the city of Sur, where we explore the building docks of the Arabic Dhows, one of the few places left in the region where traditional techniques are still utilised. Following this we wind our way in a Northern direction along the coast, making a stop to view the ancient ruins of the city of Qalhat, before reaching Wadi Tiwi. Famous of its imposing canyon-like walls of rock, this Wadi contains picturesque traditional villages, farm terraces and pools of crystal clear water. 


After lunch in a local restaurant we continue till arriving at Muscat, where we explore the old area of Muscat, containing the forts Al Jalali and Al Mirani, and the Sultan’s Palace (Al Alam Palace), before continuing on to the Mutrah suq. The winding alleyways contain all sorts of local products, including spices, incense, pashminas, wood products and jewellery, and makes for the perfect place to purchase local items. After dinner in a local restaurant, we head to the airport where clients get a flight back to their country of residence.


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