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Oman Experience 4x4 Round Tour Program 

Day 01 : Arrive Muscat 

You will arrive at the Muscat International Airport. Upon your arrival you proceed straight to the Immigration. Immigration & customs are quick & simple. Upon arrival at the General arrival lounge you will be met by our friendly & efficient Bahwan Tours chauffer who will assist you to the comforts of our vehicle to drive you the hotel.

Overnight at the RADISSON BLU HOTEL, or SIMILAR.

Day 02 : In Muscat 

After breakfast 08:30 HRS you will meet your tour guide and proceed for a tour of the Muscat city. Our experienced guide will give you an insight of the country. The tour starts with a visit to the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUMS with flora & fauna which boasts of a giant fossil. From here proceed for a visit of the GRAND MOSQUE (open for visitors from sat to wed 8-11 AM only, except the holidays) which is one the largest mosques in the world with beautiful art works, chandelier & a one piece carpet covering the entire prayer hall measuring approx 4300 square meters. After the visit continue your drive to the “AL ALAM PALACE” (visit stop only – photography is not permitted) flanked by the two Portuguese Forts of “JALALI & MIRANI”. Continue your drive along the corniche waterfront to the “MUTTRAH SOUQ”, one of the oldest souqs in Oman. The narrow alleys of the souq and the smell of the mystic frankincense and sandalwood in the air are typical of this souq. After the visit return to your vehicles to drive back to the hotel and spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Overnight stay at the RADISSON BLU HOTEL, MUSCAT or Similar. 


Day 03 : Muscat / Nizwa / Bahla / Jabrin / Nizwa

After breakfast at 0800 hrs you will check-out and proceed to Nizwa. You will drop in your baggage at your hotel in Nizwa & proceed on a tour to the OASIS CITY OF NIZWA, which was once the capital of “JULANDA DYNASTY” in the 6th & 7th Century AD. Today it remains as the most popular tourist attractions with its historical buildings & imposing fort. Visit the NIZWA FORT with its enormous round tower built in the 17th century built by “IMAM SULTAN BIN SAIF AL YA'ARUBA” to defend the route to the interior. The fort dominates the entire area, with the town having grown around the edifice. Access to the top is only by means of a narrow, twisting staircase barred by heavy wooden doors, studded with metal. From the top of the tower one can get a bird's eye view of the Nizwa city. From here there is only a short walk to the NIZWA SOUQ which is renowned for its intricately hand-carved "KHANJAR" and ornately designed silver Jewellery. Here on a Friday a unique goat and cattle auction is held. The atmosphere is electric. After the tour proceed to the JABRIN FORT, en-route, stopping at BAHLA for a photograph of the BAHLA FORT, now a World Heritage Site. Arrive at JABRIN to visit the castle, the finest of Oman's castle built in the late 17th Century, which became a seat of Omani learning. This castle has extremely well planned layouts with room for the “Wali” - the ladies room, the kitchen, the “MAJLIS” etc. Most of the ceilings are decorated with beautiful paintings with Islamic motifs. The view from the top of the castle is really mesmerising. Also visit the ruins of TANUF and see the FALAJ SYSTEM which is still in operation. After quite an eventful day return to the hotel. 

Overnight stay at the Falaj Daris hotel, Nizwa or Similar.



Day 04 : In Nizwa 

After breakfast proceed on a tour to MISFAH a village in the mountain seemingly hewn out of rock. The houses cling to the rocks, this looks precarious but it has been here for centuries. You will park your car at the entrance of the village and then walk into the village.  A short walk through the village will bring you out looking down at the Falaj and water pools which is still used for washing. After a short visit you will return to your vehicle to continue your drive to the village of AL HAMRA before proceeding to JABEL SHAMS, the highest peak in Oman at over 3,000 meters. Jabel Shams means “Mountain of the Sun” and its old name is JABEL AL QANAH. The area is home to weavers of heavy woollen rugs in distinctive colours. Take a walk to see the GRAND CANYON before returning to your vehicle to drive back to the hotel where you can spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Overnight stay at Falaj Daris hotel, Nizwa or Similar



Day 05 : Nizwa / Sinaw / Ibra /Wahiba Sands 

After breakfast you will check-out and proceed to IBRA. We also stop to visit SINAW. Thereafter we drive towards the desert. On arrival at the desert entry point your 4WD will embark on the drive to the desert camp site through the desert terrain, the great desert of Oman known as “RUMLAT AL WAHIBA” where our expert driver will give you the thrill of driving over the undulating dunes. After enjoying the dune driving you will continue to the Desert Camp site. Enjoy your evening under the star studded sky. 

Dinner & Overnight at the AL RAHA DESERT CAMP SITE (Please note it is a camp with basic facilities)


Day 06 : Wahiba / Wadi Bani Khalid / Ras Al Had 

After breakfast you will proceed for another round of dune bashing before bidding goodbye to the inhabitants of the desert to proceed to WADI BANI KHALID which stands out in contrast to the desert with dates and palm trees plantation with clear water pools. After having spent sometime here you will proceed to RAS AL HADD 


Check in at the Ras al had beach hotel or Turtle beach resort . Later in the night proceed to Turtle beach too see the green back turtles coming to the beach for laying eggs.  (not every visit is guaranteed that we would see the turtles coming ashore). After spending some time here you will drive back to the hotel. 

 Overnight at Ras al had beach hotel or Turtle beach resort



Day 07 : Ras Al Had / Sur / Wadi Shaab / Quriyat / Muscat / Out 

After break fast proceed to Sur.  Sur is famous for the dhow building. Drive through the Sur town and you will drive along the coast to arrive at 'WADI SHAAB ', SHAAB in Arabic literally means 'Ravine between Cliffs". Proceed to the white beach where you could take the opportunity of swimming in the Omani water. Continue the drive along the coast line which offers breath taking glimpses of the blue waters of the Gulf of Oman offset pristine beaches. You will drive past the port of QURIYAT which is still guarded by a watch tower dating back to 1635. Continue on the bumpy track, sometimes touching the sea following a creek. You will proceed to Seeb International airport to board your onward flight and for those who extend their holiday in Oman will drive to their respective hotels in Muscat.  


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