Top 10 Awesome Things To Buy In Oman Top 10 Awesome Things To Buy In Oman
Top 10 Awesome Things To Buy In Oman

By : Oman Tourism UK  


What are some of the most beautiful things to buy in Oman? What can Oman offer to its visitors?


Oman offers a wonderful range of traditional Arabian products both natural and manufactured, ranging from inexpensive bags of aromatic frankincense and tubs of bukhoor through to elaborately wrought khanjars and chunky Bedu jewellery.

In towns like Mutrah, Nizwa, Rustaq and Salalah, trading is a way of life. The aim is not just to buy and sell, but also to pour coffee, share it with friends and catch up on the news. 

Visitors, too, can take the pulse of an Omani town by exploring its souqs or covered markets, their stalls stacked with incense, produce, spices and antiques. Omanis like to shop in the cool of the evening. To enjoy the souqs at their most lively and atmospheric, visit after sunset.

In this article we will show you the top 10 things travellers can buy in Oman.


1. Frankincense

2. Pottery incense burner

3. Omani honey and dates, available in most souq.

4. Hand thrown pottery.

5. Amouage perfume.

6. Traditional craft items (woven baskets, mats, tribal weaving, camel trappings).

7. Khanjar (dagger) - but make sure you check first if you can import this into your country!

8. Bedouin handmade silver jewellery.

9. Replica miniature dhow.

 10. Wooden Mandoos (dowry) chests studded with brass tacks.

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